Story behind the song Follow the River

The inspiration for the first line of the song came from a Jack Reacher novel.

In Nothing to Lose,  Reacher walks across the country when he hits two neighbouring towns called Hope and Despair, right in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve always been fascinated by American Lone Ranger stories and with the slide guitar riff I tried to capture the mood of a desolate landscape. The character in the song is -like Reacher, a drifter with nothing to lose.  He’s living from day to day, with only a foldable toothbrush as his luggage . Always getting drawn into conflicts. Always helping the underdog. 

I built the whole song on that single guitar riff. I wasn’t aware the song actually was in a minor key, before the drummer in the studio said the first chord was a G-minor! 

Rob Tijink